How easy can be the retail experience:

We strive to give our customers a happier, no tiring shopping experience. With our first physical store opened in Kottayam, Kerala, in 2020-21, we aim to make retail experience easy and energizing. Each of our stores is approximately 1500 sq ft and offers snack-in counters and fresh baked products along with groceries and merchandise for a wholesome shopping experience. Our online brands gives you the extra reachability for our food produces, personal care and home care products.

We are not a volume producer from a single plant but smaller self sustaining plants closer to farm land itself;

We strive to source products from the very best places in India; We love to give access to the food that you grew up with; Our brands takes you back in time to the places you love; Healthy edibles just as nature wants you to have; Edibles are supposed to be made like this.

We live by quality, freshness, cost, nourishment, and in providing a happy and refreshing store experience which is a lively space with a friendly team. We love our customers with a soft corner to our ecology, who wants products made closer to nature, who doesn’t favour large production factories, who wants to know the face of person who made it. Our focus is to have maximum human touch to the products while its handed over or being briefed about. Our focus is on helping you get the best nourishing food available from across the world at the lowest price point.